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Since the Democratic Party is led by Sleepy Joe Biden, today they announced that they'd be renaming themselves to the ZZZ Party...

... realizing that the Republican Party name no longer provides a strong enough contrast with their opponents, President Trump and Mitch McConnell declared that they will be changing their name to the Not ZZZ Party.

Gabriel's horn is a geometric figure which has infinite surface area but finite volume

This is in contrast to a vuvuzela which has a finite surface area but infinite volume

What do you use to compare and contrast nordic cultures?

A Sven diagram!

My spare hatchet is much worse than my primary at chopping

There's a sharp contrast.

Why is there such a big contrast between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt?

Because they're different cultures.

My friend gave me a How-To book on how to come up with jokes, and I'm halfway through.

Step 5. Your punchline should be unexpected in contrast to the delivery.

During quarantine I've been trying to see the upside of thing, but now with the civil unrest I'm feeling inside out. The contrast of being upside inside out is so stressful.

But that's what I get for Living La Vida Loca.

The stark contrast between India and US is that India makes curries out of vegetables

And US makes shoes and merchandise out of a Curry

So how did you all think Spider-man held up as a sidekick to Iron Man?

I really thought there's a Stark contrast between the two

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