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A Woman goes to the Optician

for her annual eye test. The Optician puts a contraption her face and asks her what can she see.
"I see empty airports, I see empty football grounds. I see closed theatres, closed pubs and closed restaurants"
"That's perfect" says the Optician "You've got 2020 vision"

An Amish family goes to a mall for the first time

And of course they are overwhelmed. The man stands in front of an elevator, puzzled what this contraption may be. He watches a very heavyset woman enter it, the doors close and the elevator goes up, and as it returns, a young, beautiful woman emerges.
"What is that, Pa?", little Joshua wants to know.
"Never mind, son, but go get your mom here, quick!"

My 50 feet high contraption for measuring weight collapsed even though the smaller prototype worked.

I suppose the prototype didn't scale well.

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