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A lawyer contracts a cold for two hours. What does he have?

A brief case.

Florida man contracts herpes while checking his birthday prostitute's mouth for sores

As meemum used to say, "you shouldn't look gift whores in the mouth"

Grandma made a bet with John that if he didn't eat 25 dumplings, he would clean the apartment

John eats the 24th dumpling, but the 25th is not in the plate ... That's all you need to know about drafting contracts.

Contracts joke, Grandma made a bet with John that if he didn't eat 25 dumplings, he would clean the apartment

Elder Scrolls Joke

Yo momma's so fat the dark brotherhood needs two contracts to get her

So a guy orders a five dollar prostitute and contracts crabs from her, the next day the man calls the agency to complain

The receptionist answers with For five dollars what did you expect, lobster?

A man goes to a $10 sex worker and contracts crabs.

When he goes back to complain, the sex worker laughs and says, "What do you expect for ten dollars? Lobster?"

How do you get out of a relationship if your partner contracts Ebola?


Contracts joke, How do you get out of a relationship if your partner contracts Ebola?

My friend rents out broken kites, no contracts or lease required.

No strings attached

Disclaimer: I know this joke is stupid. My 5 year old nephew did not tell me this.

Local gay man contracts HIV while filming Livestream

Latest reports say he is now going viral

Why is Santa considered a trickster?

His contracts always have hidden clauses

You can never find loopholes in contracts with spacecrafts.

They're always airtight.

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Where does Daredevil sign contracts?

On the dotted line.

*Revised from an earlier attempt.

How do blind people sign contracts?

On the dotted line.

My law firm specializes in grain futures contracts.

Barley Legal

I like my sex like I like signing my contracts.

With affirmative consent.

Geometry is like Jersey Shore

Allways tanning, sinning, and consigning contracts.

Contracts joke, Geometry is like Jersey Shore

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