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  1. How many contortionists does it take to screw in a light bulb? At least two, but they may need some time to get inside it.
  2. I was attempting to get in contact with a contortionist for an interview earlier today. Fortunately, she was very flexible.
  3. The circus near my house started a competition to find the best contortionist So I entered myself, and won.
  4. My grandfather used to earn a living as a contortionist But lately he's struggling to make ends meet.
  5. My contortionist girlfriend does anything to keep me happy! She bends over backwards for me.
  6. So, I told that contortionist that I didn't care much for his act. ...And he gets all bent out of shape about it.
  7. What do you get when you have a contortionist applying for a job as a timekeeper? Someone who can be flexible with their hours.
  8. Contortionist dancer Would a contortionist exotic dancer whose act seems to go on forever be known as a Mobius Stripper?
  9. When the circus came to town they ran a competition to find the best contortionist.. I entered myself and won
  10. How do you stop a contortionist from drowning

    You take his foot off of his head

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  1. What do you call a filipino contortionist? A manila folder!!!
  2. My contortionist wife wants to do the pretzel in bed tonight. She's so knotty.
  3. There was a contortionist competition being held So I entered myself, and won
  4. My girlfriend is a contortionist Her favorite position is @9
  5. what do you call a contortionist from the Philippines? a Manilla folder
  6. When should contortionists get together for coffee? It doesn't matter, they're flexible.
  7. Why did the pickle stop being a contortionist? It was to cucumbersome.
  8. I dated a contortionist once. It didn't last, she was all wrapped up in herself.
  9. Did you hear about the contortionist fortune teller? She could foresee her own end.
  10. An out of work contortionist..... says he's having trouble making ends meet
  11. I asked my wife if she was a contortionist... And she got totally bent out of shape.
  12. Did you hear about the contortionist that fell in love? She was heels over head for him!
  13. Yo mama so s**... She thinks a manila folder is a Filipino contortionist.

Contortionist joke, Yo mama so s**...

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My wife and I were laying in bed watching a contortionist perform on a talent show.

As the lady went through her routine, I suggested to my wife that she should try becoming a contortionist. Without hesitation, she shouted "NO!"
I asked her to reconsider, suggesting ideas as they entered my creative mind. She immediately began yelling at me, calling me a pig, a dog, and even threatened to sleep on the couch.
I said "Hey...I thought you said you weren't going to get all bent out of shape."

Contortionist joke, Yo mama so s**...

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