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What do you call a Filipino contortionist?

A manila folder!!!

There was a contortionist competition being held

So I entered myself, and won

The circus near my house started a competition to find the best contortionist

So I entered myself, and won.

Contortionist joke, The circus near my house started a competition to find the best contortionist

My grandfather used to earn a living as a contortionist

But lately he's struggling to make ends meet.

what do you call a contortionist from the Philippines?

a Manilla folder

When should contortionists get together for coffee?

It doesn't matter, they're flexible.

Why did the pickle stop being a contortionist?

It was to cucumbersome.

Contortionist joke, Why did the pickle stop being a contortionist?

My contortionist girlfriend does anything to keep me happy!

She bends over backwards for me.

I dated a contortionist once.

It didn't last, she was all wrapped up in herself.

So, I told that contortionist that I didn't care much for his act.

...And he gets all bent out of shape about it.

What do you get when you have a contortionist applying for a job as a timekeeper?

Someone who can be flexible with their hours.

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Did you hear about the contortionist fortune teller?

She could foresee her own end.

Contortionist dancer

Would a contortionist exotic dancer whose act seems to go on forever be known as a Mobius Stripper?

An out of work contortionist.....

says he's having trouble making ends meet

Met a contortionist, said, "When you wanna get sexual?"

She said, "However I fit in your schedule. I'm flexible."

When the circus came to town they ran a competition to find the best contortionist.. I entered myself and won

Contortionist joke, When the circus came to town they ran a competition to find the best contortionist..

I asked my wife if she was a contortionist...

And she got totally bent out of shape.

How do you stop a contortionist from drowning

You take his foot off of his head

Interviewer: In a nutshell, tell me how you became an extreme contortionist.

Contortionist: That might be pushing it.

I asked my girlfriend if she was a contortionist...

She said no and got bent out of shape.

Yo mama so stupid

She thinks a manila folder is a Filipino contortionist.

How many contortionists fit in the trunk of a regular sedan?

Depends on the size of the pieces.

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