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Two random variables were talking in a bar

They thought they were being discrete but I heard them continuously.

A man goes to audition for an anchor position at a local tv station

A man goes to the television station auditioning for an anchor position.

He sits down in front of the camera and begins, soon it is obvious that he has a terrible stutter, and hisleft eye continuously winks.

The producer says, "Thank you for your audition, we'll let you know."

The man says, "W-w-wait a moment, I c-c-can fix this."

He opens his breifcase, and about 200 condoms fall out, he digs deeper and pulls out a bottle of aspitin.

He take a single aspirin, and then re-reads his copy perfectly, his wink having vanished.

The producer is dumbfounded, and he says, "Thanks fantastic, but what's with the condoms?"

The man says, "This is what they give you if you stutter and wink and ask for aspirin at the pharmacy.

TIL That the world's oldest continuously running business is-

your Mom.

Continuously joke, TIL That the world's oldest continuously running business is-

Women love to cook

Because they get to continuously change something until it's exactly what they want

Alcoholic to God

God meets alcoholic and tells him that he has been doing a lot of wrong things so has to suffer. He tells him he can choose one out of two diseases.

* Parkinson's disease (hand will shake continuously)
* Alzheimer's disease (memory loss)

After thinking for some, he replied that he will go for Parkinson's as it is better to spill half bottle of whiskey and drink only half of it than to forget where the whole bottle was kept.

I decided i would continuously play Battle Royale games for a full on week.

But i got bored by the fourth night.

United Airlines is so weird. It's the only airline that has the captain continuously yelling "brace for impact" during the boarding process.

Continuously joke, United Airlines is so weird. It's the only airline that has the captain continuously yelling "brace

One day, I was walking through town with my girlfriend…

…and people were continuously shouting at me as I went by,

My girlfriend then turned to me and said, innocently,
"What's a paedophile?"

And so I replied,
"Wow, that's a big word for a six-year-old."

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