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The Best Continuous Puns

A guy walks into a bar.

Inside the bar he sees a blonde sitting at the bar, she's intently watching the 10 pm news. The news story is about a man who's standing atop a building, preparing to jump. The guy says to the blond "I bet you $50 he'll jump". The blonde takes the bet and continuous to watch.

Some time later, the man on the building jumps. The guy turns to the blonde and says "I'm sorry but I can't take your money. I watched this on the 6 pm news and knew he would jump". The blonde replies "I watched it at 6 pm too, but I didn't think he'd jump again"

Why don't female mathematicians use tampons?

They are weary of anything that advertises discrete AND continuous protection.

Stonewalls seem to be a continuous problem for minority groups.

Black people had to deal with Stonewall Jackson.
Gay people had to deal with the Stonewall riots.
Mexicans will have to deal with a Stonewall.

Person 1: [Humming a continuous tone]

Person 2: Why are you doing that?

Person 1: Doing what?

Person 2: You're just humming the same note without stopping.

Person 1: Oh that? I'm just waving.

Person 2: Huh?

Person 1: It's sine language.

Why doesn't the pope like continuous functions?

They're not hole-y.

What tense do Italians speak in?

Pasta continuous.

Why the pope does not approve of continuous functions?

Because it is not holy.

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