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I went to a hotel that had continental breakfast

Unfortunately the continent was Africa so all I got was an empty plate

In 1941, a German boy named Hans was listening to the radio.

Over the radio, Hitler announced that Germany was now going to war with the United States.

"Father, where's the United States?" asked Hans. His father pointed on a map to the continental nation in North America.

"And I'm told we're already at war with Russia," the curious lad continued. "Where is Russia?" His father pointed to where Soviet Russia lay in all its time zone-hogging glory.

"And we're also at war with the British Empire," added Hans. "Where is that?" His father pointed out all the territories of the empire upon which the sun never set.

"And where is Germany?" asked Hans. His father pointed to their country in central Europe.

Hans thought for a moment and then said, "Father, has Hitler seen this map?"

Brexit fallout: my French Toast has just surrendered to my English Muffins. Germany is sending in the Luftwaffle... these events could engulf the entire continental breakfast.

and my Irish coffee is drunk. Again.

Continental joke, Brexit fallout: my French Toast has just surrendered to my English Muffins. Germany is sending in th

A chinese man goes to the eye doctor...

The doctor says "You have cataract. " and the chinese guy says "No, I have a rinkin continental."

Volcanic eruptions are just the earth rubbing one out

If you catch my continental drift. (;

A Chinese Man goes to the eye doctor

A Chinese guy goes to an eye doctor and the doctor says,
"I know why you've been having trouble. you have a cataract." and the Chinese guy says, "No I drive a rincon continental,"

A Chinese man goes to the eye doctor complaining of poor eyesight in his left eye.

The doctor says I see you have a cataract . The Chinese man says, "No I don't...I have a rincoln continental."

Continental joke, A Chinese man goes to the eye doctor complaining of poor eyesight in his left eye.

Asian eye problems

So a Chinese man is having trouble with one of his eyes and goes to see the optometrist. When the testing is over, the optometrist tells the man, "I'm sorry, you have a cataract" in which the Chinese man replies "No I dont! I have a rinkoln continental!"

A Chinaman goes to the eye doctor..

After the exam the doctor said, "I know why you're having trouble." The Chinaman says, "Why?" Doctor said, "You have a cataract." Chinaman says, "No, I have a Rincoln Continental."

What does the earth eat for breakfast?

Continental breakfast, served on tectonic plates.

A Chinaman goes to the eye doctor....

Eye doctor says "You've got a cataract."

Chinaman says "No, I drive Rincoln Continental."

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Where does the ocean store its stuff?

On the Continental shelf.

Why did Karl Marx like going to continental Europe so much?

Because they did not have proper tea.

What is the best kind of plate for a continental breakfast?

... a tectonic plate!

So a Chinaman goes to the eye doctor

and after giving a check up, the doctor says, "I see what the problem is: you have a cataract."
"No I don't," the Chinaman responds, "I drive a Lincoln Continental."

What sort of plate do you serve a continental breakfast on?


Continental joke, What sort of plate do you serve a continental breakfast on?

I recently drove through Dallas in a Lincoln Continental

The guy in the back was really nervous for some reason.

An Asian goes to the optometrist...

The optometrist says, after a moment or two: "I see what the problem have a cataract."
The Asian immediately replies: "no no, it's a Rincon Continental."

What did the one continental plate say to the other after the earthquake...

not MY fault

Yo momma's so fat...

..._John Wick 3_ had to stop filming 'cause she ate the Continental!

So a chinese man walks into an eye doctor.

The eye doctor says "Well, you've got cataracts"

The chinese man says "No, I have Rincon Continental!"

(From Grandpa RIP) A Chinaman walks into an optometrist's office. The optometrist says, Well it seems like you have a cataract.

The chinaman says Nooooo, I drive a Rincoln Continental

in japan 2/3 population hava cataracts

the other 1/3 have rincon continental

What town in the continental United States produces the most alligator pears per year?

Avo, CA does.

Q: How many soldiers did the British Empite need to win a war in continental Europe?

A: Zero, Continental Allies will do all the fighting and the British Empire will take the credit.

Instead of a wall on the Mexican border, Trump could build a dome over the continental U.S. They'll call it:

The Freedome.

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