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The Best Continent Puns

Why does Africa never win the Olympics?

Because it's a continent, dumbass.

Can you conquer the largest continent on earth?

No, but Genghis Khan!

I went to a hotel that had continental breakfast

Unfortunately the continent was Africa so all I got was an empty plate

Is Africa by Toto country music?

No it's continent music.

Could you conquer more than half of a continent?

No, but Genghis Khan!

I support euthanasia.

In fact, I support the youth in every continent.

Why is Antarctica the least corrupt continent?

Because it has justice

My friend told me, "I don't support euthanasia."

I replied, "You should be ashamed of yourself! The young people in Asia deserve as much support as the young people on any other continent."

The naming of Canada

Long ago, in a stuffy statehouse, a group of men, living in the northern part of the North American Continent sat around thinking of what to name their new country.

Man 1: So, I don't wanna be stepping on any toes here but I think our country should have a C, eh?

Man 2: Dont'cha know it should have an N, eh?

Man 3: I'm sorry, but I feel it should have a D, eh?

And so, Canada was named.

Best country song

My boss won't stop playing country music at work. The other day, my coworker spoke to her.

Coworker: You know what I think is the best country song?

Boss: What?

Coworker: Africa.

Boss: That's not a country song!

Coworker: Actually you're right, it's a continent song.

Which continent has the most elderly people?

The incontinent.

Why do Marlboro cigarettes have white filters in America, but yellow filters in Europe?

So Keith Richards can tell which continent he's in.

What did the one continental plate say to the other after the earthquake...

not MY fault

Of all 7 continents why is Australia considered the biggest pimp?

Because it's surrounded by beaches.

Did you hear about the European Paul Revere?

He rode up and down the continent yelling "THE BRITISH ARE LEAVING!" "THE BRITISH ARE LEAVING!"

I bless the rains down in Aaaaafricaaaaaa.....

...or, the story of how Toto rid the dark continent of vampires forever.

Why did the sailor bring diapers on shore leave?

He was worried about being in continent

Asia asked Peru if they wanted to have a child.

Peru replied "I'm sorry, I can't. I'm in continent."

Which continent has the highest rate of male homosexuality?

Asia. They all ask want brojobs

What's the funniest continent?


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