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Continuing the apparent theme of incest jokes...

How do you circumcise a boy from Missouri?

You kick his sister in the chin.

In continuing attempts to reduce the worlds CO2 emissions, top scientists have found a way to make cars run on Parsley...

A spokesperson for the group has stated that they are now doubling their efforts to make trains run on Thyme.


My thoughts on it are exactly the same as ten years ago.

And as he continued to walk, he noticed during the hardest parts of his life

there was only one set of footprints in the sand. He asked Jesus, why, and Jesus said...
"Those are Cris Cristie's...he kicked everyone else off the beach."

Which continent has the most elderly people?

The incontinent.

Of all 7 continents why is Australia considered the biggest pimp?

Because it's surrounded by beaches.

What did the one continental plate say to the other after the earthquake...

not MY fault

The Continuing Adventures of Lawyer Mom, Episode 1

Lawyer Mom: Your Honor, my client is accused of murder in the first degree. But let me ask you, and everyone else in this court room, this: (Mom voice) Have any of YOU ever murdered someone?

Everyone looks around at each other, confused.

Judge: Um, no?

Lawyer Mom: (Puts hands on hips, closes her eyes, and continues in Mom voice) Well then how can any of you tell my client that murder is bad if you have never even tried it? Hmmm?

I was going to continue garnishing my food

but I ran out of thyme

Which continent has the highest rate of male homosexuality?

Asia. They all ask want brojobs

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