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I gave a deaf blind child my seat in the taxi

After he ran over several people I began to contemplate my decision, I told him to stop but he just wouldn't listen

I used to run a lot on the treadmill and contemplate my future

I was going nowhere fast.

Walking inside a Nike store would be the worst place to contemplate suicide.

Everything is saying Just Do It.

Every time I fold laundry I contemplate becoming a nudist...

...then I remember what I look like naked and keep folding.

Sometimes I want to leave society, live in the woods, and contemplate existence...

But I know that would be Thoreauing away my life.

Where do thoughtful people eat their food from?

A contemplate.

What does a philosopher put his/her food on?

A contemplate

Seen at a public toilet...

"Here I sit and contemplate,
should I shit or masturbate?"

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