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what's the difference between a normal consumer and a prostitute?

A normal consumer aims to get the most bang for their buck. A prostitute aims to get the most buck for their bang.

A man boarded a plane with 16 kids

Attendant: Welcome sir, are all of them your kids. You surely have a big family

Man: Nah, I work for a condom company. These are consumer complaints

Consumerism Humor

I was giving this guy the business and he said "Quit patronizing me. ". I said I'll never shop in this store again.

Games like LoL show an increasing fervor towards Hitler's political party

It's proven that this type of games encourage the average consumer to act in a NaCl way.

9 out of 10 times, if you call the 1-800 number printed on any

... consumer product, the person who answers won't tell you what they're wearing. Trust me, I tried.

List of the shortest books

1. The Australian Book of Foreplay.

2. Contraception by the Pope.

3. The American Guide to Etiquette.

4. Healthy Marriages by the British Royal Family.

5. Consumer Marketing Ethics.

6. Career Opportunities for History Majors.

7. My Life's Memories by Ronald Reagan.

8. Integrity by Bill Clinton.

9. The Wit and Wisdom of George W. Bush.

10. What I've Accomplished by Barack Obama.

A very bad pun.

Me: What is the best South American country?

Joke consumer: Brazil

Me: Let me Peru-ve you wrong.

TIL of the #1 consumer of lard in the world and the least healthy ever seen

Your mom.

After years of consumer retailing, Apple decided to foray into naval software.

They create an app that allows the navy to synchronize their attacks anywhere in the world.

But iSync was a flop.

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