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The German consulate is in NYC for a big UN meeting...

The clock hits 12:30 and the meeting breaks for lunch. Being that he's in New York, the consulate requests to go out to lunch at a local Deli. An intern is charge with taking him out. As they are sitting and eating the consulate turns to the intern and exclaims,

"I have to admit, these bagels are really delicious! We don't have bagels like this in Germany."

"Well," the intern replies, "whose fault is that?"

And finally my wife agreed that I can marry for the 2nd time...

provided I get written consent from the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. ☠

3 Journalists walk into a Saudi consulate...

...the entire globalist media establishment goes batshit.

Consulate joke, 3 Journalists walk into a Saudi consulate...

What is the first rule of fight club?

Never have it at the Saudi consulate

My wife has allowed me to take a second wife...

...if I can get clearance document from Saudi Arabian consulate.

Q: What is the scariest Halloween decoration theme for 2018?

A: Saudi Arabian consulate

A Saudi journalist walks into the consulate

And they couldn't have been any nicer

Consulate joke, A Saudi journalist walks into the consulate

How do you sneak a journalist out of a consulate?

In pieces.

What song did the Saudi consulate pokemon player sing?

Gotta catch Jamal (allegedly)

When is a door not really a door?

When it's in the Saudi consulate.

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