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If you know nothing about constellations at least learn Ursa Minor

...that's the bear minimum.

I got second place in a star gazing competition once.

The winner got a telescope, but all I got was a constellation prize.

What did the Russians receive when they lost the space race?

A constellation prize

Constellation joke, What did the Russians receive when they lost the space race?

The Orion's Belt constellation is so stupid

Personally I think it's a waist of space

I was really disappointed when I came last in the astronomy competition, but they still gave me a map of the stars just for participating.

It was a constellation prize

Did you hear about the time Orion lost an archery match?

He was given a constellation prize.

What did Orion receive when he won second place in the archery contest?

The constellation prize.

Constellation joke, What did Orion receive when he won second place in the archery contest?

There's a contest going around and if you win 1st place you get a whole solar system named after you

Second place is just a constellation prize

So I entered an astronomy contest the other day...

...I didn't come first but I did get a constellation prize. :-)

Astrologists are said to be poor interpreters...

but they always find something, if it's any constellation.

My Friend Failed Astronomy...

I failed too, if it's any constellation.

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What was Michael Jackson's favorite constellation?

Insida minor

I went out to find the big dipper constellation but couldn't find it. I went back inside and did some research before trying again.

The difference was night and day.

What happened when the astrophysicist lost a competition?

He got a constellation prize.

I went to a space museum, because they where having a prize drawing for a car.

I didn't win the car but they gave me a constellation prize.

"What's that constellation right there?" "Wait, you seriously don't know?"

Bitch, Pleiades.

Constellation joke, "What's that constellation right there?" "Wait, you seriously don't know?"

Legitimate question, what's that canine constellation called?


How do you start to politely tell someone that their God isn't in the stars?

"Well... If it's any constellation..."

What do you call a group of famous people?


What's the stinkiest constellation?

The Big Ripper

What constellation is bellow Orion's belt?

The Big Dicker.

If the United States got the moon for winning the space race, what did the Soviet Union recieve for second place?

A constellation prize.

Why was the constellation diagnosed with mouth cancer?

He was a big dipper.

What do you call a Constellation that is always urinating on electronics?


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