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  1. Kathleen Kennedy: The force is female. Me: That explains why it's constanly out of balance.

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Constan joke, Kathleen Kennedy: The force is female.

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Constan joke, Kathleen Kennedy: The force is female.

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Despite constantly dropping the ball...

gravity is pretty reliable

‌‌I lik‌‌e m‌‌y wome‌‌n lik‌‌e ‌‌I lik‌‌e m‌‌y mathematica‌‌l constants.

Roun‌‌d an‌‌d irrational.

I constantly tell dad jokes even though I have no kids...

...Guess that's what they call a faux pa.

Planck's constant walks into a bar...

Planck's constant walks into a bar and orders dessert.
The bartender is a little surprised by this, but happens to have a couple desserts on hand.
"I can't decide," says Planck's constant. "Whenever I walk into a bar I feel divided by two pies."

A constant and e^x was walking along the road...

...when they saw a differential operator in the distance. The constant stops and says "I can't go further because the differential operator will make me disappear". e^(x) replies "yea well a differential operator can't affect me". So e^(x) walks forward to the operator and says "Hey I'm e^(x) " to which the operator replies "Hi I'm d/dy".

Why did Constantinople fall?


The only constants in life are taxes, death, and...

99c+tax AriZona Iced Tea

Constantine XI : Ships can't walk on lands

Mehmed II the Conqueror: Hold my Kebab

Why do you constantly feel like you have to look over your shoulder in India?

Cuz people always behindu

I've been having constant sleep paralysis

In my last 3 dreams I was in a wheelchair

I seem to have this constant stream of bugs trying to hang me.

They're really quite the noose ants.

What happens to a constant when it's differentiated?

it disintegrates

Wikipedia's constant begging for funds is annoying but it has an effect on me.

I think this year I will detonate.

Constan joke, Wikipedia's constant begging for funds is annoying but it has an effect on me.

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