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Why are women bad at parking?

Because they're consistently lied to about what 6 inches looks like.

I have amnesia

It's the only reason I find this sub consistently funny

The blinds store

So there's this store down the street called "Bailey's Blinds", and I can't help but wonder that it must be a front for some sort of illegal activity. Money laundering, perhaps? Or maybe it's an incognito hub for illicit products of some nature. I mean, how can a business possibly function for over 15 years while consistently profitable, by selling nothing but blinds? ...It's a shady business if you ask me.

Consistently joke, The blinds store

Two muffins are in an oven

One turns to the other and says, boy, it sure is hot in here!

The other muffin replies, Ahhhhh a talking muffin!!!!!

(I'm terrible at jokes and this is the only one that I consistently don't f*k up and my husband actually laughs when I tell it.)

I always feel bad for Jim this time of year,

People keep making resolutions to hit him consistently

I told my wife she should call me a champion bullrider...

Because I consistently last 8 seconds riding a horned animal.

Who is consistently the best pro sports team to watch in Minnesota?

The visitors.

Consistently joke, Who is consistently the best pro sports team to watch in Minnesota?

Why is there no such thing as a great golfer?

The best ones are consistently sub-par.

Why do women have a hard time parallel parking?

They are consistently lied to about what eight inches looks like.

I splurged and bought a mop.

I had to, to clean up the splurge.

Credit to @ActualLiam on Twitter. Only a handful of followers but he's consistently great.

This woman who always comes into my job consistently says, curiosity kills the cat.

Today she told me had an incurable STD. I guess it really does kill the cat.

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