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A good comedian is like a good dictatorship.

Consistent in their execution.

I was once a very consistent man.

Once was enough.

My new years resolutions are:

1: Stop making lists.

B: Be more consistent.

7: Learn to count.

Consistent joke, My new years resolutions are:

Which actress stays consistent, especially in the winter time?

Eva Green

Q: How many members of a cultural, religious or social outgroup does it take to accomplish a routine task?

A: An arbitrary number: One or more to actually perform the task, and the remainder to behave in an absurd fashion consistent with perceived humorous stereotypes!

The third letter of the alphabet showed up to work at the same time, every day.

It was consistent C.

I can never be consistent when I play sniper.

It's always a hit or miss.

Consistent joke, I can never be consistent when I play sniper.

Things I hate

These are 5 things I hate.
1. people not using capital letters.

Two. People who aren't consistent

3 People who dont use proper grammar.


5. Cliffha-

If Mayweather wins this match he'll be so consistent...

...that they'll have to start calling him "Mayclimate"

Pizza Hut is very consistent...

The pizza tastes exactly like the box it comes in.

Penn State has missed two extra points today

which is weird because they are usually pretty consistent about doing the little things.

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Who is consistently the best pro sports team to watch in Minnesota?

The visitors.

Why did the rock band get in serious treble?

They failed on a consistent bassist.

I got a new job with the ISO

It's consistent work.

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