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A man goes to a store to buy groceries.

When he gets to the Butchery, he asks for three steaks.
The butcher asks if he'd like to play a game, after which the man replies that he would.
The butcher climbs a ladder up to the ceiling, easily 9 or 10 feet, and hangs them on hooks up there.
When he climbs down, the butcher says "If you can jump up and get all of your steaks in 3 tries, all of your groceries are free."
The man asks, "What's the catch?"
The butcher replies, "If you fail to get the steaks in three tries, you have to pay for your groceries and those of the man behind you in line."
After some consideration, the man replies "No."
The butcher asks, "Why not?"
The man simply replies "The stakes are too high."

After much consideration, I do not believe Wolverine in the X-Men movies is real.

It's obviously just a huge act, man.

For your consideration: A historical, circular triple entendre

Why did the Queen join the Navy after making herself breakfast in bed?

Because she was impressed by Her Service.

Did you hear about Russel Crow's recent problem with cannibalism? At first he expressed shame about consuming a mother of two.

But upon further consideration he was gladiator.

Trump should appoint Sarah Palin as the Administrator of NASA.

I know, I know, I could've stopped it there, but here's the punchline:

I mean, we must be fair and give her some consideration, because she does make a good argument: she can see the moon from her house.

So there comes a time in every married couple's life where the big question is asked.

So the husband turns to his wife and asks "Honey, do you want kids?"

The wife responds with "I'm not sure?"

After an hour of careful consideration and thought, the two came to a decision.

"So, we don't want kids." Said the husband. The wife agreed.

So they turned to their son and daughter, picked them up and kicked them out the door.

Fed up with all the denouncements, God finally decides to appear in front of an atheist...

To show that he is the Allmighty and omnipotent and put the heretic to his place, God asks the atheist for one wish that he *will* grant.

Atheist, after a careful consideration, replies:

"Erase my memory of this incident."

George Pell's age is being taken into consideration for his sentencing.

Unlike George Pell's choice of sexual partner.

If "Living Coral" is the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year...

I suspect "Dead Coral" will be the color in 2020

..(or 2025... For some fashionable rest consideration)

Christmas Carol

Should never have received serious consideration for a child's name.

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