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What happened when the semicolon broke grammar laws?

It was given two consecutive sentences.

A guy walks into a pharmacy buys a pack of condoms and walks out laughing

He does this every day consecutive for a week. Finally the pharmacy owner asks his assistant to follow the man the next time he returns. Sure enough the man returns the next day and walks out laughing once again. The assistant follows him and returns about half an hour later. When the pharmacist asked where he had followed him the assistant simply replied "your house".

Experts say Donald Trump been setting an outstanding example during the Covid-19 outbreak

28 consecutive press briefings spent washing his hands

Consecutive joke, Experts say Donald Trump been setting an outstanding example during the Covid-19 outbreak

An infinite amount of mathematicians walk into a bar

The first mathematician asks for a beer.
The second asks for a half a beer.
The third asks for a quarter of a beer and so on with the consecutive mathematicians having half the amount of beer as the mathematician before him.

The bartender says: "I'll just pour you 2 beers, you gotta know your limits!"

Did you hear about the semi-colon that broke the law?

He was given two consecutive sentences.

So a man walks into a bar in Las Vegas

He orders ten consecutive shots, and drinks them all within 45 seconds. The bartender says, "What's with the rush?" and the man replies, "You'd drink this fast if you had what I had." The bartender says, "What do you have?" and the man replies quickly, "45 cents."

I only drink on special occasions...

Luckily for me, I just broke my record for consecutive days alive today

Consecutive joke, I only drink on special occasions...

What did the semicolon get after breaking the grammar law

Two consecutive sentences

Did you hear about the semicolon that broke the law?

Yeah, he got two consecutive sentences!

Artis Leon Ivey Jr. once did 200 consecutive backflips during a stage show.

Everyone couldn't help but think, "Coolio!"

I just read that a local serial killer has been handed 20 consecutive life sentences totalling 500 years in prison.

What a joke, in today's justice system he'll probably only do half of that.

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How would Saitama defeat all S class heroes?

Consecutive normal punches

You can't spell Meek Mill..

..without two consecutive L's.

[Progress] New personal best today!

Most consecutive days lived.

My dad just won his 10th consecutive pickle eating contest

Ya, he's kind of a big dill.

11/13/17 is 3 consecutive prime numbers.

Consecutive joke, 11/13/17 is 3 consecutive prime numbers.

What do you call three consecutive commas in a text conversation?

Trying to make a point.

I am a waiter and last night I had 2 consecutive parties of 10 all order the fish special.

It was a fluke.

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