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Effective immediately, the navy is only conscripting non-swimmers.

They defend the ships much more eagerly.

The conscript receives a summons to the army

He is afraid, so he says to his friend:
\- Knock out all my teeth, then they won't take me into the army!
A friend knocks out his teeth, as he asks.
The next day they meet again.
A friend asks him:
\- How are you?
The conscript replies, lisping terribly:
\- Everything is great! They didn't take me, the doctor said I have flat feet!

A man is trying to avoid being conscripted.

He runs from his house as soldiers come for him. As he heads down the street, he sees a nun. He runs up to her and says "please sister, let me hide under your dress, I don't want to die in the war".
The nun takes pity on him and lets him hide under her dress. The soldiers pass them by. As he emerges, the man blushes and says to the nun "pardon my saying sister, but you have a lovely pair of legs."
The nun smiles and replies "if you looked a little higher, you would've seen a lovely pair of b**.... I don't want to die in the war either."

What was the difference between conscription in World War One and conscription in World War Two?

The year.

The US government are now forcing all under 25 year old fit and healthy American males to work for the Bank of America immediately or face criminal detention.

They've decided to become a BoA Conscripter.

The Catholic Church has decided to recruit an army of the faithful

They're going to use Mass Conscription.

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