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What's the difference between a Trump voter and a polar bear?

One is a fat, white, mindless killing machine with no conscience or future, and the other is a bear.

The coach discovers he is going to die in a week

He tells his wife: I want to clear my conscience. I have been unfaithful to you, only once, with your sister.
She says: That's okay. I too have been unfaithful to you, only once, with the football team.

I was invited to a dinner the other night.

The host warned me ahead of time, "Just so you know, we only serve vegetarian dishes. I hope you're alright with that."

I told him, "Of course! I have no problem with vegetarian dishes. In fact, I prefer them. But for the sake of conscience I do prefer it if the vegetarians were free range and locally sourced."

Conscience joke, I was invited to a dinner the other night.

One day, i na moment of weakness, I spied on my neighbor changing her top.

It has racked my conscience ever since.

Trump walks into a bar and Is suprised to see the bartender is a genie

The genie says "what'll you have?" Trump says"give me something I'll regret in the morning" The genie gives him a conscience, empathy, and humility.

How do you tell apart drug pushers that have a conscience from those who don't?

Those who don't call themselves "reps,".

A percentage of my inner conscience doesn't like racist jokes.

Luckily that percentage is the minority so I can just ignore it.

Conscience joke, A percentage of my inner conscience doesn't like racist jokes.

How do people with something on their conscience communicate?

They use Remorse code.

Dr. Holm struggles with a bad conscience after sex with a patient

A voice in him says, "Follow your desire". Another voice says: "Remember, you're a vet"

What is "conscience"?

That which feels bad when everything else feels good.

I have clean conscience.

I haven't used it once until now.

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I asked myself "What am i doing with my life?"

and my inner Conscience replied "Probably ruining it"


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