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I asked my dad why did he become a pilot. He said, "to conquer my greatest fear."

"The fear of flying?", I asked.

"No," said dad. "The fear of dying alone."

One day Canada will conquer the world.

Everybody will be sorry.

Can you conquer the largest continent on earth?

No, but Genghis Khan!

Conquer joke, Can you conquer the largest continent on earth?

Why did Napoleon conquer so much land?

Because he didn't have much Toulouse.

Could you conquer more than half of a continent?

No, but Genghis Khan!

Why did Genghis Khan conquer so much?

Because he was Genghis Khan, not Genghis Khannot.

I've finally managed to conquer my addiction to swimming.

I've been dry for six months now.

Conquer joke, I've finally managed to conquer my addiction to swimming.

What conquers math?

A ruler.

Why didn't Hitler win the race of conquer

He never reached the Finnish

How did Hitler conquer Poland?

He used a lot of polish remover.

How did Genghis Khan conquer Mongolia?

One steppe at a time.

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How did Germany conquer Poland so quickly?

They marched in backwards and said they were leaving.

Did Japan conquer China?

Man, sure yeah they did.

What happens when a soviet and a german have a child?

I don't know but he can conquer poland really fast.

One day Canada will conquer the galaxy...

And they'll call it the *Milky Eh*.

What did one cracker say to the other?

"Let's conquer the Americas, Africa, Australia, and Asia."

Conquer joke, What did one cracker say to the other?

Why did Hitler fail to conquer Europe?

He didn't concentrate hard enough.

I was conquered by the Vietnamese a few days ago.

It was my greatest pho.

How did Hitler conquer Poland?

He marched his troops in backwards and everyone thought they were leaving.

Why can't lions ever conquer the world?

Because the pride comes before the fall.

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