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The Best Connor Puns

if I were Sarah Connor

I would simply defeat the robots by asking them to identify which of the following pictures has a pedestrian crossing in it

Why did Connor McGregor get a Chihuahua?

He couldn't handle a Boxer.

I don't think Connor McGregor enjoyed the fight last night.

He seemed like he was feeling a bit under the weather.

Why does Connor McGregor hate the spring time?

Because he hates MayWeather

What type of windows were on the bus that Connor McGreggor threw the dolly at?

Short tempered glass

Why did the skeleton go to the club?

He heard it was a hip joint. [oc, Connor, never tell anyone my username]

What did Khabib Nurmagomedov say to Conor Mcgregor?

Are you Connor McFALL now

Looked up Connor McGregor GIFS...

...Watched entire Jose Aldo fight.

It's not fair to put Floyd in an Octagon with Connor.

Floyd couldn't study a book, nvm mixed martial arts.

What do you call a hockey line with Connor McDavid, Taylor Hall, and Nail Yakupov?

The Lottery Line

Ireland puns

what do irish people call split personallity disorder?


what do irish people call mytosis?

a doublin cell?

what do irish people call twins?

sean and connor

If Arnold does star in the new Predator movie..

He would probably be sent back in time with his Expendables team to kill the Predator who was the actual John Connor.

The Terminator got sick of chasing Sarah Connor, so he started a pest control company.

He became an exterminator.

Connor Mcgregor's beer just came available at my local bar...

I hear it's on tap.

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