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Top 5 internet connections of all time:

5) Dialup
4) Dialup
3) Dialup
2) Dialup
1) Dialup
Cause it spit hot Firefox.

I don't always beat my wife...

But when I do I connect 4.

Chuck Norris can win a game of 'Connect 4' in 3 turns.


There once lived a very kind man who was constantly helping those in need. God noticed this ask spoke to him, "You are very generous and I shall grant you one wish." The man, overwhelmed, thought about it for a bit. Finally the man said, "I wish for a bridge connecting California to Hawaii so I can drive my motorcycle to the Islands." God said, "Think about it my son. That is a very materialistic wish and would require much material from Earth." The man thought it over a bit and replied, "God, would you teach me how to understand women?" God answered, "You want that bridge 2-lane or 4-lane?"

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