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A conman, a mentally handicapped person, and a Russian spy walk into a bar

And the bartender asks, "What will it be, Mr. President?"

A Conman, Moron and Rapist walks into a Bar

Bartender asks What would you like, Mr. President?

A child molester, a conman and a priest walks into a bar

He then sat down.

Conman joke, A child molester, a conman and a priest walks into a bar

A peadophile, a conman and a priest walk into a bar.

What can I get for you father? Asks the barman.

What do you call an Irish conman with leprosy?

A Leper Con!

What do you call a con-man dwarf with esp?

A small medium, at large.

What do you call an overweight Cajun conman?

A jumbo liar.

Credit to my boyfriend who is exceptionally punny.

Conman joke, What do you call an overweight Cajun conman?

A child predator, a con-man, and a priest walk in to a bar...

The bartender says: Hey Father John!

What's a good thing about a novelist conman?

He may have a lot of cons, but he also has a lot of prose.

A list of con-man jokes.


You were expecting your money's worth?

Now begger off before I set Fred on you.

What's the difference between a midget con-man and an unpleasant female track star?

One is a cunning runt.

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Did you hear about this religious conman?

He believes in lie after death.

Did you know that God is a conman?

He has made up the whole world.

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