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The Best Congo Puns

My visa to visit Afraica got approved.

Now I Congo

I can't describe how disappointed I am...

...that the Congo weren't in single file in the Olympic Opening Ceremony

Did know that king Leopold II never visited Belgian Congo?

It was a hands off operation.

Why do Congo gamers refuse to play with Belgians?

They're afraid of getting owned

What do you do when you're...

...walking in The Congo and you come across a 500lb Silverback Gorrilla?

wipe it off. Very, very, carefully.

Why do Congolese wear only new clothes?

There are no second hands.

Why didn't the Congolese karate Kid didn't want to play against the Belgian one ?

He heard the Belgian had some hand-chopping moves up his sleeve.

I was playing RUST and I found an AK-47 before I could found food

I felt like a child in Congo

Why was Belgium so useless in the Congo?

They always needed a hand.

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