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A slightly overweight transgendered person walks into a health food store

the manager instantly runs up and tells her to leave the store, "why?" she asks confusedly, the manager points angrily at a sign on the door

"No trans fats"

(I dont mean to offend anyone, I just heard this from a trans friend.)

A man walks into a library and goes up to the front desk.

He says to the librarian, "Hello, I'll have a Big Mac, Coke, and fries please."

She looks at him confusedly and says, "Sir, this is a library."

He replies in a whisper, ^^"Oh. ^^Sorry. ^^I'll ^^have ^^a ^^Big ^^Mac, ^^Coke, ^^and ^^fries ^^please."

An old woman goes to a clinic

She runs some tests, then somehow the results are mistakenly mixed and she ends up with another woman's test results.
She takes it to the professionals and they confusedly tell her that the results show that she's pregnant.
She gets shocked by the news, freezes for a moment and then says
Sweet lord, you can't even trust a cucumber nowadays

So me and a friend were talking...

... And somehow we got on the subject of weak metals.

He says "Gold, thats quite weak."

So I say "That must be why James Bond got glasses."

He looks confusedly at me.


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