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A robber enters an old couple's home in the middle of the night...

As he is grabbing things, the couple wake up and confront him. The robber has a gun and says he would have left quietly but now he is gonna have to kill them.

"But before I do that," says the robber, "I want to know your names. What's your name, woman?"

"Linda," the wife replies meekly.

"Well, that's my mother's name. I can't kill you." Then he turns to the husband and says, "And what's your name?"

"Frank, but everybody in town calls me Linda."

I tried to confront my friend about his sexual attraction to plants

But he kept on beating behind the bush

They say when confronted by a bear, the best thing to do is play dead, so when I came face to face with one in the woods the other day, I accidentally played dad instead...

Now it can ride a bike without training wheels...

Confront joke, They say when confronted by a bear, the best thing to do is play dead, so when I came face to face w

I don't know how to help my friend....

I don't know how to help my friend.... he's addicted to drinking brake fluid.

When I confront him he just tells me he "can stop any time he wants."

I saw my girlfriend with another guy at the mall, I was about to confront them and kick the guys' ass.

But it wouldn't be a good example to set in front of my wife and kids.

Whenever I try to confront my wife about blueballing me, she always cuts me off

I hate it that she never lets me finish

I heard a burglar in my back garden

I wanted to go out and confront him but I didn't want him to take a fence

Confront joke, I heard a burglar in my back garden

I'm beginning to believe that my road worker friend is a kleptomaniac..

So I went to his house to confront him and all the signs were there.

I confronted my friend when I suspected him of cheating with my partner.

He firmly denied being my friend.

She confronted jack, talking about the constant staring and following she recieved.

If the beanstalking carried on, she would have to call the police.

I was confronted by a bear.

I was supposed to play dead, but I played dad instead. Now it can ride a bike.

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I was confronted by an angry man today. I told him I come in peace

Apparently that's something you shouldn't say to Peace's boyfriend

Whenever I confront the messy baker

I'm always walking on eggshells.

A Guy Caught His GF With Another Man

He went to confront his GF.

Guy : I thought you say I'm the only one you dating.

GF : Ya, the rest are all nine and ten.

Guy : .....bu...but that's your brother.

GF: Sorry but love has no boundaries.

Guy : ...That's what my ex-wife said when she left me.

GF: I know. Mom told me.

Confront me with one issue, and I'll stay and deal with it.

Confront me with ten issues and I'm walking.

I found out my friend has been stealing garden gates recently.

I don't want to confront him though incase he takes offence.

Confront joke, I found out my friend has been stealing garden gates recently.

Looking out of the window I saw a neighbour stealing my socks off the washing line

I was going to confront him but I got cold feet

After being confronted by China on account of his statements regarding Taiwan, Donald Trump had this to say...

"TAIWAN #1!"

Three soprano thugs confront a maestro in a dark alley...

The maestro holds his hands up and exclaims "I don't want any treble!"

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