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I tried to research what the term confirmation bias means

All I found was a bunch of fake news, so I stopped reading

A few days ago, I learned what confirmation bias meant.

Since then, I have started seeing it everywhere.

Once you learn about confirmation bias... start seeing it everywhere!

Confirmation joke, Once you learn about confirmation bias...

I ordered my girlfriend flowers on Valentine's day

that didn't arrive (or were stolen from the porch), so I gave her the delivery confirmation instead.

Apparently it's not really the thought that counts.

A few days ago, I finally learnt what confirmation bias means.

Now I see it everywhere.

A prominent art collector quits the Cabinet immediately after his confirmation

He had stumbled into the wrong auction

I don't need confirmation for what I do...

... right guys?

Confirmation joke, I don't need confirmation for what I do...

What do you call it when you make someone say prayers all the time just because they're Catholic?

A Confirmation bias

I'm so upset about Kavanaughs confirmation...

I'm going to drown my sorrows with a game of the devil's triangle.

Worried about his Supreme Court confirmation, Brett Kavanaugh decided to unwind by ordering a 16 year old whiskey.

She refused to drink it.

I was watching the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing

when a Maury episode broke out

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I'm sure everyone here knows what confirmation bias is

But that may be wishful thinking.

A basic chick was conducting a statistical analysis and believed she'd found a correlation.

Turns out it was just confirmation bi-YAAASSSSSS.

My favorite prank phone-call gag when I was a child: Call store, ask, "Do you have cotton-balls?"

After confirmation that the store has cotton-balls, "Does it tickle when you walk?"

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