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An Irish man frees a genie

and happy to be released from his confinement, the genie grants him 3 wishes.

The Irishman thinks about it, and says "I want me a pint of Guinness that is never empty."

So *poof* a pint appears, filled to the rim with the rich brown drink. The man drinks it down, and when he places it back on the bar, it's filled up again.

"So, what would you like for your other two wishes, sir?"

"I want two more of these, then!"

Did you hear about the cheesemaker who got sent to maximum security prison?

He's being kept in solid-dairy confinement.

"I think solitary confinement is a luxury," said my friend, "don't you?"

"You're on your own there," I replied.

What did the police do to the guy who murdered someone with a deck of cards?

They put him in solitaire confinement.

What did they do with the Crazy 8's?

They put it in Solitaire confinement.

I played cards by myself in prison...

It was solitaire confinement.

How do you turn milk into cheese?

Put it in solid dairy confinement.

Why was a social justice warrior being held in solitude confinement in a mental institute?

She attacked the guards when they tried to force her into a straight white male jacket.

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