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The Best Confide Puns

I can confidently run up 6 flights of stairs.

But 7 Flights? That's another story.

They say confidence is key...

... I guess that's why I'm always locked out.

I used to have confidence issues because of my learning disability.

Until someone told me I put the sexy in dyslexia.

Why is it a bad idea to confide in a clock?

Because time will tell

I was dating a girl one time who confide in me that she liked Spanish men.

I immediately broke up with her because she was a pedrophile.

I've never had a single man confide in me that he's experienced problems with impotence.

Maybe it just didn't come up.

Why was a confident man arrested in England?

He was dressed sharp.

I'm confident I'd be able to rip a phone book in half with my bare hands.

Because as a U.S. Southerner, when I fix my unsweetened tea, I open all my sweeteners at once.

What's the different between a confident soldier and a warning helmsman?

One shoots from the hip and the other hoots from the ship.

I went to the confidence store because I didnt have any confidence. So they gave me some confidence for $2500.

But I think they tricked me.

Why is it a bad idea to confide in a clock?

I don't know either... I guess time will tell

What did the confident skier say when he had diarrhea?

I've got the runs!

Im a confident driver

Me: Im a confident driver

Friend: But you almost just run someone over

Me: Confidently tho

Confidence can move mountains but..

Mountain moving isn't a great career choice.

I wish I had the confidence of a jellyfish.

**Every decision's a no-brainer if you're a jellyfish.**


Is what you have before you fully understand a situation.

Our confidentiality supervisor is...

Ike Antellu

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