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The Best Conferences Puns

What do fishermen do at a their conferences?


Why does NASA offer sprite at their conferences?

Because they couldn't get 7 up

Instead of "guys", use "comrades" in your talks at conferences.

It's a good way to get the audience. And maybe automatic recording.

A&M left the Big 12 for the SEC

And the IQ of both conferences went up.

I want to go to all the multi-threading conferences this year...

But they're all happening at the same time!

My history teacher always makes this joke so I just wanted to share it. Government conferences shouldn't be called conferences.

They should be called government man dates.

Most rides to the voting stations are free today so that means

Rides to most parent teacher conferences are free today too. Show up for your kid if your are going to show up to vote, Todd.

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