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  1. My dad said people shouldn't get ribbons just for participating because it rewards them for losing. So I took down his confederate flag.
  2. Pretty soon the only place you will be able to buy a Confederate flag will be the black market. Oh the irony.
  3. Worry not confederate flag supporters! You may have lost the battle... But you haven't lost the w- oh right.
  4. My grandpa was complaining about how participation trophies reward losing So I asked him why he proudly displayed a Confederate Flag
  5. The US confederate flags supporters should be proud. They are part of a long line of countries that lost wars to the USA.
  6. I'm glad they are taking down these Confederate statues I don't believe in participation trophies.
  7. Black people making fun of Confederates for losing the war... Like they were doing any better at the time.
  8. To all the people who are upset at the fact that confederate statues are coming down, don't worry. You may have lost the battle, but you have won the....never mind.
  9. Confederate supporters say that we need to leave their statues up to teach history, and that is absolutely true After all, it's not like they can read.
  10. Apparently NASCAR is banning all Confederate flags from its races. But how will drivers know they've entered the last lap of the race? 🏳

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Confederate joke, Apparently NASCAR is banning all Confederate flags from its races.

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Confederate One Liners

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  1. Flying the Confederate flag doesn't make you a racist. It's usually the other way around.
  2. Confederate states be like When you try your best but you don't secede.
  3. What do you call a confederate that's bleeding out? A rebel without a gauze
  4. Did the Confederate Army think they were racist? General Lee speaking, no.
  5. Warning! Civil War Spoilers! The Confederates lose
  6. How do Confederates celebrate? With Confetteri.
  7. Are Confederate statues racist? Generally.
  8. What do you call a cup with a Confederate flag on it? A Hiccup!
    Get it? Hick-cup?
  9. NASCAR got rid of the confederate flag from race tracks Another true end to race wars.
  10. I'm no confederate statue... But for the ladies, I always go down
  11. NASCAR can't ban the confederate flag They wave it every race with one lap to go!
  12. Walmart is banning sales of the Confederate flag Well, there goes 95% of their buisness
  13. What's a confederates favourite school festival? the Sumner fete.
  14. Why does Confederate levy on the people? Cuz we love TaxUs
  15. What do you call a gay Confederate? Stonewall Jackson

Confederate Flag Jokes

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  • Dear confederate flag supporters, you may lose the battle but You haven't lost the wa-Oh that's awkward
  • Dad: Participation trophies are bad. It rewards people for losing and is unfair to the winners. Me: *slowly takes down his confederate flag*
  • My mother told me that losers don't deserve to be commended. So, naturally, I took down the confederate flag from the porch.
  • My friend was angry when NASCAR banned the Confederate flag from the races But he got angrier when I pointed out they still wave it on the final lap every race
  • So NASCAR has decided to ban confederate flags at all events... Looks like all those years of turning left rubbed off on them.
  • We really shouldn't be surprised that NASCAR banned the Confederate flag and is participating in charity auctions for pride month They've been going left for years
  • Somewhere in Africa... a bunch of orphans are about to be running around in confederate flag shirts.
  • My uncle was complaining about all the participation trophies kids get these days. So I tore down his Confederate flag.
  • With the banning of the Confederate flag in America... We are going through a period of erase-ism.
  • How many confederate flag bearing husbands does it take to beat up their wives? None, she fell down the stairs.

Confederate Generals Jokes

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  • Why did the Confederate general get mad at his family? Because they wanted to have a reunion.
  • Did you know one of Kirk Hammet's ancestors was a Confederate general in the Civil War? His name was StoneWah Jackson.
Confederate joke, Did you know one of Kirk Hammet's ancestors was a Confederate general in the Civil War?

Cheeky Confederate Jokes that Will Make You and Your Friends Chuckle

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What do you call an injured Confederate soldier that can't find a medic?

A rebel without a gauze.

What do you call it when a man uses a Confederate flag as a blanket?

A w**... nap.

I don't know why the right is so in favor of confederate statues.

I don't know why the right is so in favor of confederate statues. They're pretty adamant about losers not getting participation trophies.

I was walking in the Bronx when a black guy stopped me and said, Hey man, did the Yankees win?

I said, Yes, Of course. The South is still fighting over confederate statues though.

Did you hear that NASCAR is banning the Confederate Flag?

**They should ban the Finish Flag, it has a "Checkered" past.**

Me: "Dude! Help! I'm convinced that I'm possessed by the ghost of an American Civil War General!" Ed: "That's incredible! Are you sure, man?"

Me: "Nope, but 'Grant,' Ed - that's a good guess."
Ed: "Are you ever possessed by confederate commanders?"
Me: "General Lee? No."

The police were called to a NASCAR event when belligerent fans became violent after being asked to remove the Confederate flags they had brought to the event.

Authorities believe it to be race-related.

I don't understand why people keep tearing down Confederate statues?

Shouldn't the losers get to keep their participation trophies?

Confederates are reverse Hitlers.

h**... first s**... at art and then lost the war while Confederates first lost the war and then s**... at art.

Yo Mamma so ugly...

Yo momma so ugly that we created a global conspiracy "plandemic" and ruined the world economy and expedited the new world order and ruined Trump's rally and banned the Confederate flag from nascar and cancelled major league baseball just so she'd wear a mask.

Confederate joke, Did the Confederate Army think they were racist?

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