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What do you call a c**... that is shared by several people?

A condominium.

My American Clock

A Russian immigrant comes to America, works hard and is able to buy for his very first home, a condominium apartment. So he throws an all night party with his friends to celebrate. One of his guests notices a hammer and a large metal p**... next to one of the walls.
What is that for? he asks.
His host says That is my talking American clock.
Really?...How does it work?
I will show you.
The host takes the metal p**..., places it next to the wall and bangs on it with the hammer till the next door neighbor yells: It's three o'clock in the morning you idiot!

Where do Time Travelers live?

The Space Time Condominium

Which of the following does not belong in this list: h**..., gonorrhea, or a condominium in Cleveland?

The condo, obviously.
Nope, gonorrhea. It's the only one you can get rid of.

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