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Whats cooler than OnlyFans?

Only Air Conditioners

A great joke that only air conditioners will get!

On second thought, I'm not gonna say it. I can already tell you're not a fan.

How are Computers and Air Conditioners similar?

They both stop working when you open windows.

Helicopter rotors are also air conditioners

When they stop, the pilot starts sweating.

What makes air conditioners and computers alike?

They both become useless when you open windows

I've always wondered why people love jokes about giant air conditioners...

I'm not a big fan...


Computers are like air conditioners. They work fine until you start opening windows

I destroyed all the air conditioners at work and escaped.

The police are now charging me with a 'heat and run' incident.

What do computers and air conditioners have in common?

They're both useless if you try to run them with windows open.

[Joke Prompt] My hotel shampoo 'flavors' are more exciting than the food served on the airline trip.

I wish I were a funny man - I'm not - so I've got to throw this out there for you funny people to run with...

Checked in to a Hilton Hotel last night, and noticed that the shampoo / conditioners sound better than most of the food offered on the airlines.

* Honey & Coriander Shampoo
* Basil & Mint Conditioner

Got to be a joke in there - run with it.

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