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The Best Condiments Puns

Why is it a crime to put condiments on your power supply?

Because it's assault and battery.

A boy asked his dad, What's a condom meant for? The father replied...

Condiments are used to add flavor to certain foods, most commonly hot dogs and burgers.

Every time I walk into a restaurant...

I automatically find the condiments, because my Heinz-sight is 20/20.

What do you call someone who can conjure condiments at will?

A saucerer

What do you call a sinking ship full of condiments?

Sinko de Mayo

Where do food condiments go when they need to see a doctor?

The Mayo clinic

I was fired from my job in a restaurant kitchen for refusing to slice up one of the condiments with a knife...

I just didn't cut the mustard.

What's the best way to practice safe eating habits?

By using condiments.

Why did the drill instructor squirt condiments on his trainees in the morning?

That's how he mustard the troops.

I just LOVE making condiments out of chopped pickled vegetables

Yes, I relish every chance that I get

What do you call a guy who traveled to his family just for their condiments?

Home for the Hollandaise

TIFU by mixing condiments up.

This is seems to be the wrong sub.

Practice safe eating.

Use condiments

Just make sure the Mayo doesn't get everywhere.

Be prepared!

I relish the opportunity to mix up the names of condiments


I hate only two things, sandwich condiments and french paintings that are completely random.


What makes your condom smell better?


So i used to be terrible at asking for things in restaurants...

I used to be too nervous to ask for condiments at restaurants... but one day i mustered the courage.

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