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What is an incel's favorite condiment?


I had just stuck my wiener into some golden buns when I realized...

I forgot a condiment.

The definition of the word "assault".

A condiment that is generally served with "apepper".

Condiment joke, The definition of the word "assault".

A man was found dead in a vat of falafel condiment.

Police are treating it as a hummuscide.

Whats a neckbeards favorite condiment?


Have safe snacks...

Use a condiment.

What's a laughing condiment?

Ayy lmayo

Condiment joke, What's a laughing condiment?

You hear about that condiment bandit?

he smuggled as much as he could mustard

Did you hear about the injured condiment?

He had to be rushed to the Mayo Clinic.

Practice safe lunch...

Use a condiment.

What's an Impressionist's favorite condiment?


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What is a horse's favorite condiment?


What was the condiment stand charged with?

*A salt* with a deadly weapon.

What's a horses favourite condiment?


Why is ketchup married to mustard?

Cause ketchup accidentally broke the condiment.

I thought the mustard would prevent pregnancies...

...but the condiment nothing!

Condiment joke, I thought the mustard would prevent pregnancies...

What is Uncle Ben's favorite condiment?

Aunt Mayonnaise

What's the best condiment to eat when you are constipated?


How does a spanish condiment identify itself?

Soy sauce

I thought about making a new condiment that was a mixture of Ketchup and Mustard.

But then I decided the name KetchTard would be pretty MustUp.

How do you eat safely?

Always use a condiment

What is a horses favourite condiment ?


The absolute worst flavor mint...

has to be a condiment.

If you're going to have sex with a burger

You should wear a condiment

What is an undertaker's favourite condiment?


What do you call a mentally challenged condiment?

Slow jam.

What's the only condiment that says hey


How can you prevent a food baby?

Always use a condiment.

What's the fastest condiment?


Why did the sausage and the bun have an unwanted pregnancy?

They didn't use a condiment.

When I went to a Japanese restaurant for the first time, I couldn't understand why this condiment stung a lot. But then I realised..

It was a bee.

I have a weakness for casual fast food....

That's why I keep a condiment in my wallet.

Given social distancing regulations, a ton of condiment companies are being forced to cancel July 4th campaigns like sponsored concerts, where they planned to hand out signature color sunglasses to attendees.

Bad idea, Heinz-Sight 2020.

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