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The Best Condensation Puns

Has COVID-19 got you wearing glasses and a mask at the same time?

You may be entitled to condensation.

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Has COVID-19 caused you to wear a mask and glasses at the same time?

You may be entitled to condensation.

You may be entitled to...

Has Covid19 forced you to wear glasses & a mask at the same time?

You may be entitled to condensation!

If Covid 19 has forced you or a loved one to wear a mask with your glasses,

You may be entitled to condensation.

Have you been forced to wear a mask? Do you wear glasses?

You could be due condensation!

Do YOU appear as water droplets?

Are YOU found on grass, leaves, and window ledges in the morning?

If so, you may be dew condensation!

This is an important message from Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe:

Having to wear a face mask along with your glasses?
You may be entitled to condensation.
Call us today!

Has covid-19 forced you to wear a mask with glasses ?

If so you maybe entitled to condensation

My new bank is awesome. It's called condensation savings and loan.

They give credit where credit is dew.

Cloud Joke

Did you ever hear about the water in the atmosphere that tried to break the rules of condensation?

It wasn't a cloud.

I turned in my letter of resignation to my smug supervisor at the refrigeration plant.

He accepted it with his usual air of condensation.

Apparently it rains every Monday.

But it is important to remember that correlation does not imply condensation

Do you make grass slippery? Do you make windows wet? Are you a morning person?

If so, you may be dew condensation.

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