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  1. What do you call it when Condoleezza rice pushes a stuck-up criminal down a flight of stairs? Conde sending condescending con descending.

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Conde joke, What do you call it when Condoleezza <a href="/rice-jokes.html" title="Rice jokes">rice</a> pushes a

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Conde joke, What do you call it when Condoleezza <a href="/rice-jokes.html" title="Rice jokes">rice</a> pushes a

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I'm really going to try to be less condescending to people.

Condescending means to talk down to someone.

I've been trying to be less condescending

You *do* know what that means right?

What did the condemned prisoner say when he was informed that the hangman forgot the rope?

No noose is good noose.

Please don't condemn me to h**... for this one .....

What kind of tune does a programmer v**... to?

Condescending people are the worst!!!!

it means they talk down to others


A midget convict was escaping out of a window, and as he lowered himself down I was walking past, and we made eye contact and he sneered at me and I thought "that's a little condescending". (Say it out loud)

I'm not condescending!

Try and count how many times I've been condescending! Exactly; you can't cause you're a d**....

I'm never condescending

That's when you talk down to people.

What's another name for condensed milk?

A cups

The condensed version...

A Phillipino, a Korean, a Chinese fella, a Burmese lady, and a Vietnamese guy all go to a nightclub. The doorman stops them and says, "I can't let you in without a Thai."

How do you know if you're condescending to an ignorant person?

Oh never mind you don't know the answer anyway.

Conde joke, How do you know if you're condescending to an ignorant person?

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