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Yoda is working at a hotel as a concierge and a man walks up to the desk.

Yoda is working at a hotel as a concierge and a man walks up to the desk.

Yoda: Hello, welcome, you are.

Man: Hi, I'd like to book a triplex for the weekend.

Yoda: Sorry I am, only duplex we have.

Man: Are you sure? I really need the triplex.

Yoda: There is no tri, only du.

I caught the flu in Madrid.

While sniffling and coughing and rolling around in the hotel bed, I realized I needed medical attention, so I called the concierge to get help.

"Oh, so you're sick!" came the reply. "Not a problem, we'll send our very own hotel doctor up to your room right away!"

The doctor strolled into the room within seconds, and whilst I stuttered and tried to comprehend the situation, he gave me some medicine to ease the symptoms. When I finally stammered out " does the hotel have their own doctor on call?", he simply shook his head and cracked a smile, and replied:

"Nobody expects the Spanish inn physician."

A photon walks into a hotel

The concierge says, "need any help with your luggage?"

"Nah" says the photon. "I'm traveling light"

Concierge joke, A photon walks into a hotel

Donald Duck calls concierge

and says can you thend up thome condomths to my room" and concierge said "want me to put it on your bill?" and Donald said "are you thucking thtupid I'll thuffocate"

A French guest, staying in a hotel in Edmonton...

A French guest, staying in a hotel in Edmonton phoned room service for some pepper "Black pepper, or white pepper? " asked the concierge. "Toilette pepper! "

Two Native Americans walk into a restaurant...

The concierge asks, "Do you have reservations?" One of the guys replies, "Yes; mine is in Oklahoma and his is in Arizona."

What do you call a concierge doctor?

An on-call-ogist

Concierge joke, What do you call a concierge doctor?

What's another name for a concierge doctor?

An oncallogist

French Pepper

A french guest was in a hotel. He phoned room service for some pepper.
"Black pepper or white pepper?" asked the concierge.
"toilet pepper!"

So in some parts of the world, in some hotels, if you call the concierge in the middle of the night for an extra pillow, it is a code that you want them to send a hooker to your room.

What if, in the middle of the night, you actually do need an extra pillow and they send you a hooker instead?

Then you have TWO hookers,

And only one pillow to smother them with!

Kendall Jenner walks into a restaurant, the concierge greets her by saying 'Good evening, Miss Jenner.' She responds 'Please, call me Kendall...'

'...Miss Jenner is my father.'

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A photon checks in at a hotel:

"Are you checking in any bags?" asks the concierge.

"No", says the photon, "I'm travelling light."

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