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  1. i went to an REM concert back in '92. They're my favourite band so I wanted my photo taken with them.
    That's me in the corner.
  2. I repeatedly slapped my girlfriend as hard as I could at the concert last night. I was clapping for the band.
  3. I like to pick up women at Cover Band concerts. Since I already know they are willing to settle.
  4. Did you hear about the coniferous Ent who carried the entire E Street Band to a 13 year old Make A Wish kid? It's all over the newspapers – "SPRUCE BRINGS TEEN CONCERT"
  5. Did you hear that the band U2 gave away a free concert? Apparently, the crowd was very Pro Bono.
  6. I was dating this girl.. I was dating this girl that I was really into. We went to a concert together to listen to her favorite band.
    I said: I love you!
    Luckily she said I love U2
  7. Another band has renamed themselves do to the times we live now, they will now be called No Refunds apparently, if you previously went to their concerts, you couldn't even get a Nickelback.
  8. My band were thinking about doing a concert in space... ...but then we realised there would probably be no atmosphere.
  9. When my wife and I argue, we're like a band in concert we start with some new stuff, and then we roll out our greatest hits
  10. Classical music is such a scam... You pay hundreds of dollars to go see Mozart live and in concert, and every time it's just a cover band

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  1. I went to a concert in Asia but I didn't enjoy it. The band was good but the singer poor.
  2. Which rock band always wash their hands before a concert? OCDC
  3. Why didn't they let the musicians into the concert hall? They were the band.
  4. Why can't you hear a pterodactyl band in the concert? Because the P is silent
  5. Rock Band ran out of space for first gig ended up getting 2nd gig for more concert space

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A Little Known Fact About the Works of J.R.R Tolkien

For his Eleventy-first birthday, instead of fireworks, Bilbo initially asked Gandalf if he could bring the band that plays Dream Police to perform a concert at the party.
This enraged Gandalf however, as Bilbo Baggins took him for some conjurer of Cheap Trick.

During this period of the pandemic, a group of extraordinarily thin people came together to form a band.

It was a massive success. They were the best in their fields. The violin, oh so melodious! The synth on point everytime. The acoustics, superb.
One time they were offered to perform a virtual concert. All the tickets sold out.
But when the time came for them to perform, they couldn't connect to the internet.
They did not have enough bandwidth.

A lead singer gets blown by a big fan backstage at the end of a concert and all the band members find him n**....

Group: Ewww! Get a room!
Singer: I would if you could fit three blades the size of a jet engine into my living room!

Gandalf is Attending a Rock Concert...

Gandalf gets up on stage before the main act of a rock concert. He stares at the crowd, who cheer for the headlining band. "I am a conjurer of Cheap Trick!" He yells, and crowd surfs off to Valinor.

So I went to this concert with my wife

And I recognized one of the violin players from my highschool marching band. He played fine, but not outstanding. My wife also recognized him. So after the concert we decided to say hi.
"Has anyone told you that you were the best violin player in the world?"
My friend was quite surprised from my wife's comment and also quite pleased. But before he could reply my wife continued.
"Ever wonder why?"

So there's a rock band playing a concert...

And they're almost at the end of their set and exhausted, and their minds start to wander. The guitarist looks out into the crowd and thinks to himself "gee, that girl in the front row is pretty cute, I should see if I can get her to come backstage after the show". The drummer thinks to himself "gee, after this gig I'll be able to afford a new high hat!" All the while, the bassist is up there thinkin "gee....D....F...."

What's the name of the band that refuses to give concerts unless the stage floor is dry?


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