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  1. [Offensive] Adolf visits the concentration camp and asks a young boy how old he is "I'll be 6 soon!"
  2. I started a summer camp for kids with add/adhd to teach them to manage their symptoms. It didn't do so well, people kept telling me Concentration Camp was a bad name.
  3. I opened up a summer camp for kids with adhd. Although I regret calling it a concentration camp.
  4. Translating the German joke Germans only tell Germans. I don't like to talk about the holocaust either. My grandfather died in a concentration camp.
    He got drunk and fell off the guard tower.
  5. I have found a cure for people suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder... ... just send them to concentration camps.
  6. Why do Germans have such great focus? I think it's because they used to have concentration camps.
  7. I wanted to open up a summer camp for kids with learning disabilities apparently people think calling it a concentration camp is wrong
  8. I don't like jokes about the Holocaust. My grandfather died in a concentration camp. He fell out of a guard tower.
  9. What kind of vehicle did they use to transport prisoners to concentration camps during the holocaust? Ju-Haul
  10. My summer camp, which was all about focus and blocking out distractions, did really poorly this year Apparently no one wants to go to a concentration camp

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  1. Germany opens a summer school for kids with ADD Its a concentration camp
  2. They say there's safety in numbers... Tell that to 6 million Jews
  3. Where do german parents send their ADD kids? Concentration Camps
  4. Why aren't Jews easily distracted? because they've been to concentration camp.
  5. What is the worst punishment for someone with ADHD? A concentration camp
  6. Where do German parents send their children with ADD for the Summer? Concentration Camp
  7. My grandpa died in a concentration camp. Poor guy fell out of the guard tower.
  8. Where do they make Adderall? Concentration Camps
  9. Where do Jewish kids go when they are diagnosed with ADD? Concentration camps
  10. Where do you send your kid to be cured of ADD? A concentration camp
  11. How did the jewish boy cure his ADD? He was sent to a concentration camp
  12. What do you get when you cross an orchard with a concentration camp? apple juice
  13. What's a fat kids favourite instrument? The dinner bell
  14. What board game do they have in Concentration Camps? Jewmanji
  15. I had ADD as a kid So my parents enrolled me in a concentration camp

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Two Jews die and wait outside the pearly gates.

While waiting they realise that they both survived the same concentration camp.
After some chatting, one says to the other: "remember that time when the guard pushed you onto the electric fence and you almost died?" A second of silence passes and suddenly they both start laughing hysterically.
Upon calming down the other Jew asks his new friend: "remember when that dog chased you for so long that you ended up exhausted and almost died of hunger?" Another second of silence passes and again, they both start laughing like crazy.
God, overhearing the conversation, approaches the old Jewish couple and asks them what's so funny about any of these events.
They both look up and say: "Oh you wouldn't understand, you just had to be there".

I heard you like jewcy jokes...

h**... is visiting a concentration camp and he examines the prisoners. They are lined up and they listen all to the Hitlers speech. Suddenly somebody sneezes.
h**... goes to the first row and asks:"Who did this?"
Nobody responses. First row gets executed.
h**... goes to the second row and asks:"Who did this?" Still nobody responses. Second row gets executed.
h**... goes to the third row and asks again:"Who did this?" After some moments of silence one prisoner raises anxiously his arm. h**...:"Gesundheit!"

WW2 joke. I read this conversation between two Counter-Strike players ingame...

(I came in mid-conversation and for me it started like this)
Player1: I cant believe your nick is Jewhunter, that's so offensive! My grandparents were in a concentration camp during the war.
Player2: Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, my grandfather died in a concentration camp.
Player1: My god that's awful...
Player2: Yea, he fell down from the guardtower.
Player1 has left the game

h**... gave his orders

...and his army set off. They spent all day attacking and capturing the Jews. After 4 camps were filled, they returned to h**...'s base. He closed the door and completely went off on his officers. "d**...!" he roared. "I said I wanted concentrated juice, not concentrated Jews!"

What did the jew say when he reached the concentration camp?


Why did the Germans have a vitamin C deficiency during World War II?

All the juice was put in concentrate camps

What do oranges, and Jews have in common?

They both hate concentration camps.

I want to start a summer program for kids with A.D.D.

I call it "Concentration Camp"

(Racist joke)

I find holocaust jokes unfunny, my grandfather died in a concentration camp - he fell from a guardtower.

Did you know h**... hated JUICE, not Jews

That's why he sent them to concentration camp.

two guys were talking about their ancestors

o**... said
"My great grandfather was in a concentration camp when he died when he tried to escape"
"that's funny" said the other guy
"whys that?" questioned the other
"my great grandad was killed when he fell out of a guard tower onto an escaping prisoner."

Whats camp for kids with ADD called?

Concentration camp.

How do you pick up a girl at a concentration camp?

"Hey baby, what's your number?"

I can't laugh at jokes about concentration camps, since my grandpa died there too.

The d**... fell from a watchtower.

Where do you send hyperactive jewish children for summer vacation?

Concentration camp.

What do you call a baby in a concentration camp?

Baby Powder.

I'll never forgive the n**... for how they treated my granddad in that concentration camp during the war.

Five years he was there on that machine gun tower, and never got a single promotion...

From My Dad: You were voted most handsome at camp!

Too bad it was a concentration camp.

TIL that there is a camp exclusively for Jewish people with Add.

They call it "concentration camp"

Where do Jewish kids go in the summer to learn to study better?

Concentration camp

My grand farther died in a concentration camp.

Yeah he fell off the watch tower.

What company did the n**... use to move the Jews to concentration camps?


Jewish having a hard time concentrating

Go join a concentration camp

What do you get when you mix yoga and scouting?

Concentration camps.

yoga + boy scouting = concentration camps

h**... was walking through a concentration camp

And he came upon a little girl laying on the ground. He asks how old she is, to which she replies "I turn 8 tomorrow ". h**... chuckles a little and says "no you don't"

What do you call a wookie in concentration camp?


Where did h**... send his Oranges?

The concentration camps.

What animal did they have in concentration camps?


What's the difference between a concentration camp and a cancer treatment facility?

Concentration camps had survivors.

I wanted to build a camp for kids with ADD.

But I got shut down for calling it a concentration camp.

How do you teach a Jew to pay attention?

You send him to a concentration camp.


where do you send a jew with ADD......
wait for it...
A concentration camp

What do you call the concentration camp prisoners who kept pestering the guards with questions?

Askanazi Jews

Where do Jewish people go to think?

Concentration Camps.

why are Jews so good at studying ?

cause they went to concentration camp !

What do you call a attention deficit disorder camp?

A concentration camp.

Why are jews so smart

Because of all the time spent in concentration camps

Take it easy on the anti-semetic jokes.

Take it easy on the jew jokes please. My grandfather died in a concentration camp during WW2.
Apparently he fell off a guard tower during shift change.

I can't stand holocaust jokes, they hit too close to home. My grandfather died in a concentration camp.

He fell off one of the watchtowers

Have you heard of the new successful therapy for ADHD/ADD patients?

It's called Concentration camp therapy.
(Sorry for untasteful reference)

A kid meets h**... while visiting in a concentration camp.

The kid asks him "What will I be when I grow up?"
"I don't know, man", h**... answered. "A soap or a shoe maybe. Probably a lampshade".

It seems like 2016 is a modern Holocaust

Were the Concentration Camps really that bad?

Holocaust jokes aren't as funny when you have a relative that died in a concentration camp.

To be fair though, if the fall from the gun tower hadn't killed Opa, the alcohol would have.

Where do you sent diluted Juice?

To the concentration camp.

You guys really shouldn't make jokes about the Holocaust or concentration camps...

My great-grandfather died at a concentration camp. He fell from the watch-tower.

What do you call a program that teaches kids how to make orange juice?

A concentration camp

When is it okay to send a disabled person to a concentration camp?

When their disability is attention deficit disorder.

What should you do with a Jew that's diagnosed with ADD?

Send them to concentration camp.

Where do chemical engineers make the most potent mixtures?

Concentration camps.

My grandpa died in a concentration camp

He got so drunk one night that he fell of a watch tower

What do you call a cheap h**... at a concentration camp?

A h**... Low Cost

World war 2 actually started when h**... asked what do I do with all the juice.

It was from concentrate. It was to be enjoyed at camps.

An old Jew

An old Jew who survived the German concentration camps is living in America. Every Monday he goes to his local convenience store and buys a lotto ticket. One day he hits a winner and wins big. The first thing he buys is a life size statue of Adolph h**... to put in his living room. His family and friends are shocked. They can't understand his decision and think that he's losing his marbles. Finally his grandson asks him "Grandpa, why did you buy a statute of that horrible man and put it in your living room?" The old Jew gets down on one knee, rolls up his sleeve and replies "well son, old Adolph gave me the winning numbers."

What did the n**... expect to get from sending gay Jews to the camps?

Concentrated fruit Jews.

What do you call an urn from a concentration camp?

A glas of jews.

How to help a Jew with attention deficit?

Sending him to a concentration camp.

I recently took a trip to Germany where I paid to take a tour of a concentration camp.

Seems unfair since other people got in for free.

My parents and I came to the US from Germany when I was a little girl.

They didn't speak much English, but were experienced educators back home. One winter, they decided to open a tutoring/ study session program to help students stay productive and focus over the break. It wasn't until after a flood of angry phone calls and visitors that we realized that "Concentration Camp" was not an ideal program name.

People with ADD are always being discriminated against

It's like they want to send us all to concentration camps

h**... visits a concentration camp

Concentration camps are not a matter to joke about! People died there and it is not funny. My Grandpa died in Auschwitz

He fell from the guard tower

Did you hear about the German summer camp where they gave all the kids adderall?

It turned into a concentration camp

Last year I was too fat...

And I had to go to fat camp.
This year I couldn't focus, now I have to go to concentration camp.

I'm starting a school for testing the strength of different juices

It's called the Juice Concentration Camp

My grandfather died in a German concentration camp...

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