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two conceited people having sex...

...girl says "tight, huh?" guy replys "nah, just full"

What do you call a conceited cannibal?

Full of himself

Did you hear about the conceited, cannibalistic lion?

He swallowed his pride.

Conceited joke, Did you hear about the conceited, cannibalistic lion?

A judge called me egotistical and conceited

I think I'm appealing

I used to be conceited,

... but now I'm perfect.

A conceited man

And a conceited woman were having sex. The conceited woman said "Aren't I tight?"
Conceited man said," Nope, just full,"

I just bragged about my bowel movement and my father scolded me for being conceited... I feel empty inside.

Conceited joke, I just bragged about my bowel movement and my father scolded me for being conceited...

Wh did people in the NBA think Michael Jordan was conceited?

Because he was always putting on Airs.

Have you ever met a fractal? They're so conceited.

I mean, they're so full of themselves.

Someone called me conceited and I don't know what that means...

I think it's probably a compliment for how good I look.

My umbrella broke and wouldn't close, it started acting all egotistical and conceited.

You might even say it was...stuck up!

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Baby horse

If a baby horse is really conceited, would you say they're foal of themselves?

Two conceited people are having sex.

The woman looks her lover in the eyes. "Nice and tight, isn't it?" She purred.

"No baby," he replied. "You're just filled."

If conceited people were cars, what engine would they run on?

A Ford EgoBoost engine.

My friend called me conceited the other day.

That can't be true, though. Being conceited is a fault, and I don't have any.

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