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The Best Concede Puns

Roy Moore refuses to concede the Alabama Senate race.

He keeps insisting that the black votes should only count for 3/5ths.

A couple got into an argument...

A couple got into an argument while on a drive through the countryside. It got quite heated and neither of the two wanted to concede, so they sat in silence for several kilometers.

As they passed a farm full of pigs bathing in mud, the wife spoke up and said:

"Relatives of yours?"

The man replied:


Roy Moore refuses to concede the Alabama Election

It's almost as if he doesn't understand that no means no!

Arguing couple

A married couple drove down a country road for several miles, sitting in silence. An earlier discussion led to an argument in which neither would concede their position.

As they passed by a barnyard full of mules, pigs, and goats, the husband sarcastically asks: "Relatives of yours?"

'Yup,' the wife promptly replies. 'In-laws'

When men and women argue who's the most stubborn...

Then men concede they are are, because they just don't want to argue this anymore.

Carl Lewis goes to a golf club

The doorman stops him and says, sorry mate, no blacks.

Carl says, "What?"

The doorman has to concede, "Yeah sorry mate, it's a bit unconventional nowadays but this is an all white golf club. But there is another Golf Club about 10 minutes down the road..."Carl: "But I'm Carl Lewis" Doorman: "Alright, 5 minutes down the road then"

‪Due to the fact that I've been single for a long time, I've decided to concede to the advice of many..

‬ I'm excited to announce that I have officially married Christmas..‬

I wish Stacey Abrams would concede and just give up...

Like she did on her weight loss program.

Joke told by my pastor

There was a couple riding in a car together, arguing. Neither wanted to concede the argument, so they didn't stop. Eventually, they both got tired out, and settled into an angry silence.

A few miles down the road, they passed a barn full of the most disgusting pigs and cows imaginable. The angry wife sniped at her husband, "Are those part of your family?"

The husband responded, "Yes, they're my in-laws."

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