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A Michael Sam joke

After being drafted by the St. Louis Rams, Michael Sam celebrated by kissing his boyfriend. This is historic because it's the first time anyone has celebrated being drafted by the St. Louis Rams. - Conan O'brien

What has four wheels and flies?

Garbage Truck.
To be honest, just listened to Tig Notaro telling this one on Conan O´Brien's podcast.

In Florida, a couple has been accused of making m**... in a public library.

Isn't that crazy? Florida has a library.
-Conan Monologue June 12, 2014

TIL Arthur Conan Doyle wrote a series of short stories about crimes committed by landscapers

He collectively referred to them as *Holmes and Gardens*.

When Jimmy Fallon started hosting The Tonight Show, Conan called him up to offer some advice...

The first thing he said was:
"Kill your enemies and see them driven before you..."

When it comes to talk show hosts I don't usually go for Conan...

I find his humor and style a bit too Barbarian for my personal taste

What is the difference between Conan O'brien and Frankenstein?

answer: the ginger hair and the freckles.

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