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My Favorite Stalin Joke

Stalin reads his report to the Party Congress. Suddenly someone sneezes. "Who sneezed?" Silence. "First row! On your feet! Shoot them!" They are shot, and he asks again, "Who sneezed, Comrades?" No answer. "Second row! On your feet! Shoot them!" They are shot too. "Well, who sneezed?" At last a sobbing cry resounds in the Congress Hall, "It was me! Me!" Stalin says,

"Bless you, Comrade!"

What is the difference between english and russian fairy tales?

English fairy tales start with "Once upon a time.."
Russian fairy tales start with soon comrades, soon..

I told my comrades that the commissar is an idiot. I got 31 years gulag...

1 year for insulting a political officer,

30 years for revealing a state secret

Comrades joke, I told my comrades that the commissar is an idiot. I got 31 years gulag...

Soviet joke: a family is watching the evening news when the announcer says taxes on vodka will be going up.

This means there will be some major changes for our family, comrades, says the man.

You mean you will be drinking less? asks his son.

Nyet, says the father. You will all be eating less.

Ethnographic expedition lost in the Sub-Saharan Africa

An Ethnographic expedition lost in the Sub-Saharan Africa. The head of expedition, a prominent Russian scientist, Artem Pizdobolov, have bad news and good news to tell his comrades. First the bad news, he said. We run out of food and water. There left only camel's dung. Tell us a good news fellow travelers asked in desperation. The good new is that we have that camel dung in abundance.

Three Russians are telling jokes about Stalin.

Three Russians are telling jokes about Stalin. After lots of laughs, suddenly one of them pulls out a KGB card and says: ยซ you two are coming with me! ยป

The second pulls out a KGB card and says: ยซ Not me! ยป

The third one pulls one also and says: ยซ comrades, there are too many of us around here! ยป

Instead of "guys", use "comrades" in your talks at conferences.

It's a good way to get the audience. And maybe automatic recording.

Comrades joke, Instead of "guys", use "comrades" in your talks at conferences.

A joke for my fellow comrades

An employee sees his boss getting off his Lamborghini at work. "Very nice car you have there.", says the employee. On that the boss replies: "A very nice one indeed and if you work very hard, always do your very best, make a lot of effort, and always work extra hours I will be able to afford another one."

Chinese soldiers attack a Soviet tractor.

^This ^joke ^originated ^during ^the ^1969 ^Sino-Soviet ^border ^conflict.

**Radio broadcaster:** *"Comrades! Yesterday, a platoon of the Chinese People's Liberation Army attacked an agricultural tractor without provocation."*

*"Fortunately, our tractor returned fire. It then managed to fly back to base for repairs."*

Will was killed during his first battle with the US army

His comrades got confused when their commander yelled: "Fire at Will!"

The Red Baron was known for his tactic of drawing fire by flying low in a bright red plane

His comrades just thought he was a crazy mother Focker

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