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Top 10 of the Funniest Comrad Jokes and Puns

You see comrade, there is no I in team

But there is a U in gulag.

A jihadist was preparing himself for his mission, when suddenly he's facing the image of his dearly departed comrad

"Ahmad! How is paradise?"

"Abdul, don't go through with the mission, it is not the paradise we were promised!"

"How is that possible? How could that be? Did you get the 72 virgins?"

"Yes, and that's the problem, Abdul... think about what kind of women dies a virgin."

Comrade Stalin announced that the Soviet Union would be transitioning back to a Monarchy

But he was just being Tsar-castic

"Comrade Stalin! A fortune-teller has come to visit you!"

"Execute him. If he were a real fortune-teller, he wouldn't have come."

Why was the comrade in a hurry?

Because he was Russian

Comrade Putin, is it true that you collect political jokes?

Putin: "Yes"

Me: And how many have you collected so far?

Three and a half prisons

Why was one comrade an hour early to the meeting?

He was Russian.

Why was one comrade an hour late?

He was Stalin.

comrade, what is difference between constitution of Russian motherland and the Finland?

Both constitutions guarantee freedom of speech, but only in finland do you get freedom after speech.

What do you call a cool communist?


Comrade Stalin a woman has come, says she can see the future.

Shoot her, if she could she wouldn't come.

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