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What do you call a traffic jam in Compton?

A blood clot


An EMT was called to a scene in the ghetto

This is actually a true story.

My friend who was an EMT working in South Los Angeles was called to a Domestic Violence scene in Compton. Upon arriving on the scene, a man was sitting on the front porch holding the back of his head where blood was spilling out.

"Are you okay? What happened here?"

"I was tryin' to get some stank on my hang low and the bitch hit me over the head with a smoothie!!"

"Whoa! Calm down! I can't understand you sir. What exactly happened??"

"I told you. I was tryin' to get some stank on my hang low and the bitch hit me with a smoothie."

"What does that mean? Stank on my hang low?"

"Yeah man. My dick sucked."

"Okay. But the hell is a smoothie?"

"A smoothie. You know, that thing that makes your clothes flat."

My friend couldn't help but bust out laughing.


Did you hear about the dog from Compton?

He lives in a ruff neighborhood.


[Nsfw] This girl from Compton had the weirdest IG page. Turns out she was a real life Vampire!

She sucked all the bloods


Did you hear about the Sting concert in Compton that barely anybody went to?

I guess a lot of black people don't like The Police


What do you call the sequel to Straight Outta Compton about Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg?

The Next Episode


Taking my 4 year old to see Straight Outta Compton.

I can't remember ever being this excited for a movie that's rated G.


Where does N.W.A get their notes on the scattering of photons off of electrons?

Straight Outta Compton


What's the most confusing day in Compton?

Father's Day


Why was the pirate murdered in Compton?

Too many hard Arrrrrrs


A Pirate tried starting a rap career in Compton, but his songs were not well received.

He couldn't get rid of the habit of using the hard arr


Compton Scattering

My professor asked me what Compton Scattering was... Apparently "when a single black woman walks out with a newborn" is not the correct answer.


Who has the biggest duck in Compton?

A tripod


Why did the homosexual move to California?

He wanted to take the straight outta Compton.


Shaun King is so white...

that he makes Mitt Romney look like he is straight out of Compton.


If my ex-wife had anymore black guys inside her...

She'd be called Compton State Prison


What do you call a disabled cleaning company in Compton?

**The Hoover Crips.**


Straight Outta Compton left out Dr. DreҀ™s history of abuse against women

Because they didn't want to turn this drama film into a comedy!


What I learned working 24 years in a factory in Compton

"That's what I'm talking about"


Straight Outta Compton Spoiler

Eazy-E dies


What do you call a Japanese rapper from compton?

Japan Eazy-E


What do you do when you see a Jew in Compton?

Challah at ya boy!


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