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The Best Compose Puns

Everyone told Beethoven he can't compose because he was deaf

But he didn't listen

Be verbs.

The teacher asked the class to stand one by one and compose a simple sentence using appropriate be verbs.

"She is beautiful", said Kate.

"My dogs are fat", shouted Mark.

"I is...", stuttered Joe when the teacher interrupted.

"You always say 'I am'. Never say 'I is'", said she.

As fast as he could, Joe uttered,

"I am the ninth letter of the alphabet."

College Assignment: Short Story

So, the assignment in a college writing class was to compose a short story using as FEW words as possible, but in order to be accepted, the story had to include discussion of three things:

1) Religion

2) Sexuality

3) Mystery

The winning entry:

"God God! I'm pregnant! I wonder who did it."

Why did the composer go to the chiropractor?

Because he had Bach problems

What's a composers favorite type of girl?

a minor

This guy said he was going to compose an atheist theme song ....

I suggested, "Don't START believing".

Which composer got the coronavirus?


How does a composer remember which groceries to buy?

She writes a Chopin Liszt.

Alternate dimensions joke

A man learns how to go into alternate dimensions where he can become other people. He says "This is awesome, I've always wanted to be Arnold Schwarzenegger acting in the Terminator films, but I've also always wanted to compose classical music. So first, I'll be Bach"

What did the composer say about the music at the Super Bowl?

It's in half time.

Where are composers taken to be executed?

To the Chopin block

When I compose songs on my piano, I play multiple notes at once to make my songs longer.

They're extension chords.

Why did the Composer marry the Musician?

It was an arranged marriage.

Why did the composer get arrested?

He said he loved a minor.

Which fruit did Beethoven compose a symphony about?


Australian soccer team bus crash

Prime minister Tony Abbott was advised of an accident involving the Socceroos team bus. "Sir, the team is OK, but 6 Brazilian people were killed."
Obviously shaken up Tone took a minute to compose himself before asking "... Exactly how many is a brazillion?"

Which composer cooks the best?

The Beethoven

When I'm on the toilet I like to compose rhyming couplets

It's poetry in motion

A composer was found convicted of pedophilia

How did the composer find his buddy on social media?

He checked his franz liszt

Did you know that the composer J.S. Bach was once evicted by his landlord?

His landlord found out that Bach was a Baroque composer

Which composer do lumberjacks prefer to listen to?


Artists can often be compared to a parabola

After they compose, they decompose.

Beethoven found that having diarrhoea always helped him compose quicker

By midday, he was already on his third movement.

What do composers prepare their ingredients on?

A Chopin board

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