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The Best Complication Puns

Needed: Eyelids

A baby is born with no eyelids. The doctors need a solution, and fast. The best solution, and the one they arrive at, is to use his foreskin for his new eyelids. They successfully attach his foreskin as eyelids, with only one complication. Now hes a little cock-eyed.

My son was born without eyelids...

The Dr suggested a new procedure using his foreskin after circumcision to replace his missing lids. The only possible complication was that he would be a little cock-eyed.

Did you hear the one about the mother who called all her 10 sons Anthony?

When someone told her that it's a complication she replied, "No it's not. It simplifies my life."

"How so?" she was asked.

"Simple" she replied, "When dinner's ready I just call Anthony and all of them come."

"But what do you do if you want to call the attention of one in particular?"

"I call him by his last name."

Me as a doctor...

There was a complication so I replaced ur eye w/a mini magic 8 ball
Patient: Seriously?
*shake his head. All signs point to yes

There were some complications with the birth of Micheal Phelps' baby...

Every time they brought him out he'd do a flip-turn and go back in.

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