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  1. One time my math professor asked everyone in class to write a complex number on their forehead You could probably imagine the expressions on our faces.
  2. Why couldn't the A level student date the IB student? Because a + ib is complex.
    (It's a math joke.)
  3. I heard the Russians are serving their soldiers complex dishes to eat The plates are real. But the food is imaginary.
    Sorry, horrible math joke.
  4. My friend was having trouble with a maths question - They couldn't decide if a number was real or imaginary I told them not to try and simplify something so complex.
  5. GenIus math level I have an imaginary girlfriend. Does that mean I'm in a complex relationship.
  6. Pakistani Maths Problems are like really really complex Abdul has 3 lunch boxes.
    He gives one to Rafiq and another to Hassan.
    Calculate the radius of the e**....

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  1. How do you confuse a blonde? Give her a very complex and difficult math equation.
  2. What's my least favourite topic in maths? Complex numbers, y iota!

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I found out my friend is addicted to math.

I should have known. All the sines were there. He had a hard time functioning, and he would go off on tangents all the time. Such a shame - he was in his prime, his life was on a great vector. He wanted to write the next 'Matrix'. But now, he can't differentiate between what is real and what is imaginary. It's so complex. I'm afraid his problems will start to multiply exponentially, and he just doesn't understand the root of it all. Pretty soon he won't be able to integrate at all. And just to add to the trouble, those he defines as 'friends' just want to divide his space between themselves. I'm afraid soon he'll go off into the Great Unknown...

The chancellor of the university is complaining to the dean of physics...

"We need to cut costs!" He says. "All this complex technology you guys use! Why can't you be more like the Maths department? All they need is pencils, paper and wastebaskets!"
"Better still," says the dean of physics, "we could be like the philosophy department. All they need is the pencils and paper."

Found these set of math jokes in an old notebook

Q. What is a PJ?
A. Poor Joke.
Q. What is P + iJ?
A. A complex joke.
Q. Why is the complex joke not funny?
A. Because the joke part is imaginary.

A polish man is forced to take the controls in of a small two-passenger plane [math joke]

The pilot had just had a heart attack, they were running low on fuel. While he had flown decades ago during the war, he had no experience with the newer instruments and wasn't sure if he could land the plane. He grabs the radio and explains his situation to air traffic control. Several voices answer and begin shouting over each other, the man can't figure out what's going on. He interrupts them, "Please, gentlemen. I'm just a simple pole, in a complex plane."

A priest and a math teacher...

die and go to heaven at the same time. St. Peter greets them at the pearly gates, and then shows them to their accommodations. He brings the math teacher to a luxurious mansion, with a hedge maze, marble columns, and a fountain. The priest thinks to himself, "If the math teacher gets this, imagine what I might get!" So he follows St. Peter past a row of large houses, a row of suburban houses, a row of small houses, a row of houses for rent, a row of apartment complexes, and all the way to a row of tree-houses. St. Peter shows the priest to a small tree-house. The priest is baffled, and says, "WHAT!? The math teacher got a MANSION!"
St. Peter replies, "We grant houses based on the amount of people you get to pray, and the math teacher got more people to pray then you ever did."